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24/7 Private Care in Los Angeles

A home hospice service can provide all sorts of benefits to patients in the end-of-life period, from the physical to the psychological. However, it is important to know that there are limitations to hospice service. Though hospice nurses and physicians are provided in shifts, the same person will not be available at all times. That is where a 24/7 private caregiver can fill the gap.

When patients sign up for hospice care, they expect that 24/7 care will be provided. While someone will always be on call to deal with emergencies, hospices do not actually provide 24/7 care unless it is a palliative situation. Most often, non-medical services for hospice patients and their families include repositioning, bathing, and incontinence care.

What can I Expect with Private In-Home Care?

Non-medical in-home care can also include providing companionship, running errands, preparing meals, and other tasks so that caregivers, who are often spouses, family members, or close friends, are able to stay with their loved ones as much as possible. A person will typically receive hospice care when their doctor has estimated that they have six months or less to live due to illness. 

However, many patients do not have good caregiving options within their circle of family and friends. Perhaps they live alone and their loved ones are able to visit only intermittently. In this case, a 24/7 private caregiver can give them the support they need.

Lucky Palliative can help you get connected with private caregivers that fit your budget. We will provide you with a list of options and answer any questions that you or your family may have. Once the introductions are made, further questions about services, including rates, can be addressed between you and the caregiver.

Benefits of a 24/7 private caregiver include:

  • The knowledge that someone is always available to help
  • Live-in service can ensure a prompt response in case of emergency.
  • A single point of contact for all the patient’s needs removes the need for new personnel to get up to speed.

At Lucky Palliative, we do not charge a finder’s fee and do our best to help you find a private caregiver that suits your needs. Contact us to get the process started. We serve patients and their families in Southern California, including North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Antelope Valley, San Bernardino County, and surrounding areas.

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