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For Palliative and Hospice
We accept all insurances even Emergency Medi-Cal

Phone: 818-912-6520 Fax: 818-827-0905
  1. Thank you so much Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. Your nurses will always be in our family’s hearts. This experience was so emotional for my family and having your team that was always available 24/7 was a blessing from above.

    George M.
  2. My mother started on palliative services with Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. As time progressed so did her termina illness. The transition to hospice was flawless and my mom got to stay with her favorite nurse. When she passed, she was truly surrounded by all who loved her and took care of her. Looking back at the process my family and I are so amazed and thankful.

    Paris H.
  3. After losing my wife of 43 years, I did not think I could go on living without her. I was mentally and physically broken. Thank you, Lucky Palliative Services, Inc., for supporting me with a pastor and people I can turn to, still today. It’s been 9 months and 6 days since I lost the love of my life, but each day with continued support, I’m feeling better and im able to enjoy the wonderful memories of my beautiful wife, and now I enjoy telling our love story to our grand kids.

    Peter F.

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