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The End of Life Option Act is available for those who see their suffering too great or their quality of life too poor. The Act allows certain terminally-ill adults to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in a peaceful manner. The Act outlines the process of obtaining such medication, including safeguards to protect both patients and physicians. At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc., we recognize the patient’s right to choose and of self-determination. While we neither actively encourage nor deny the use of the End of Life Options Act, we strongly support the patient’s right to choose. As end-of-life professionals, we see it as our duty to be ready, qualified and educated to provide any and all end of life care options available, including End of Life Option Care. Act without judgments or personal opinions. At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc., our team of specialized physicians, social workers, and nurses who will assess for qualification and educate and help our patients through this journey if and when requested. The following are the State of California’s eligibility requirements for the End of Life Option Act:

  • Adults-18 years or older
  • Life-limiting illness that is incurable and irreversible
  • Prognosis of 6 months or less
  • Mentally capable of making informed medical decisions
  • Voluntarily request a prescription for aid-in-dying without influence from others
  • Self-administer and ingest the medication themselves

At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc., we realized that choosing this option can be a difficult choice, and may cause considerable distress and even conflict within families. It is not an option that anyone takes lightly. Therefore, we work closely with the patient’s considering this choice to help with the decision-making process, family discussion, and navigating the process to utilize the End of Life Option Act. We will champion the patient’s decision, whether or not they choose to use this option. Also, if the patient changes their mind, we will support them with that as well.
Many agencies and physicians have opted-out of participating at the End of Life Option Act, making it difficult for patients to find physicians who will complete the process or provide the final prescription. Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. is proud to have physicians available who can serve as the attending physician and as the consulting physician. They can even meet the patient at their home if travel is too taxing for the patient. We will also have one of our nurses present when the patient uses the drug if they want a medical professional present.

Please call us at 818-912-6520 or email us at if you would like more information about the End of Life Option Act or want to know how we can assist you in exploring this option.

Your hospice team will supply the end of life kit

What is inside an end of life kit?

A hospice comfort kit, commonly called a Hospice Emergency Kit or E-Kit, is a small supply of medications kept in the home so that they will be available to rapidly treat symptoms that may occur in a patient with a terminal illness.

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