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A patient may struggle for years with a condition such as shortness of breath, and then can be referred to a lung care clinic. While this is long overdue as the symptoms can make a patient inactive, it can also lead to anxiety and depression. 

In a hospital type of environment, a patient can struggle for a long time to visit their friends and care for their home. They can also feel that they have become an increasing burden to their family and loved ones. 

In this situation, palliative care can be an appropriate substitute and help manage many symptoms and ease the burdens faced by people who are dealing with serious illnesses. A patient’s family and friends can also gain an understanding of palliative care.

Under a home hospice and palliative care setting, a patient can  learn new ways to fully enjoy their life. 

Palliative Care Focuses on Improving Quality of Life

A patient can be social, vibrant, and involved before the initial diagnosis of their terminal illness. They may have enjoyed every single aspect of their life from going to craft fairs, how their home was kept, to enjoying beautiful brunches with their friends. However, as it become more difficult for them to breathe, these activities become harder for them to do.

For patients who are not just dealing with breathlessness but literally struggling to breathe, they are often extremely anxious and always tired. Sometimes, these symptoms contribute to depression. They often feel very overwhelmed. 

Sometimes, they can feel as if they have become a burden to their family. Their growing need for help in tasks that they’d usually be fine with can make them feel as if they have lost their independence. Luckily, with the help of palliative care, they can battle their depression and anxiety and breathe better than ever before.

Here at Lucky Palliative Services, we can help your loved one out with all of the palliative care services necessary for a comfortable experience. All you need to do is get in touch with our friendly team. Call us today, we provide free 24/7 at-home assessment services. 

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