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One patient is in the remission stage from stage 4 neck and head cancer. She loves sharing how palliative care completely changed both her life, and her family’s life, for the better. Right now, she is living very well after receiving treatment and spends her life helping those who are living with an illness that is serious to understand just how much palliative care can makes a difference

In her extensive series of videos, she communicates with several different members of the team of palliative care specialists. Her ultimate goal is to openly share how palliative care can aid in helping with support for both patients and families from the time of diagnosis all the way to treatment.

In her latest episode, she has an in-depth discussion with a registered dietician and nutritionist. Together, they have a discussion about the importance of nutrition when you’re living with a serious illness. She then went forth and shared the personal journey she has experienced with nutrition. 

So, What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a specialized type of care for people who are living with a serious illness. The whole idea of this type of care is to provide relief from the stress and symptoms of the illness you’re dealing with. Instead of treating the illness aggressively, the focus is more so on making sure the patient is comfortable and improving quality of life for everyone involved.

Palliative care is provided by a collective of nurses, doctors, and other specialists who work together with both the patient, their family, and other doctors in order to provide the best support possible. It is for people of all ages who are dealing with a serious illness.

It is able to be provided alongside curative treatment.

Lucky Palliative Services is one of the best palliative care services around right now. We help patients and families work together and find peace in uncertain times. Our team is committed to honoring your loved one as they work through serious illnesses in life.


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