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All Insurances accepted even emergency medi-cal.

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Hospice & Palliative Care Services

Welcome to Lucky Palliative Services, Inc.

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At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc., we will be honored to help you and your loved one in the most difficult time in life. Our team of skilled professionals will support the patient and the whole family with education and comfort. Our service area consists from Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Orange County We accept all insurances. If you have a loved one in need of at home care, call today for a free consultation. Lucky Hospice provide 24/7 continuous nursing care for patients in crisis care. We also provide Palliative Care Services for patients still seeking curative treatments at their bed side.

We help families and loved ones across Bakersfield, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Oxnard, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles County, Orange County, as well as the areas of Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Valley Glen, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and Sylmar.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a Medicare Part A funded program to care for and support people with terminal diagnosis as well as their families and loved ones. Lucky Hospice is a service that is tailored for individuals facing a life-limiting illness. Our hospice team's main focus is on comfort and quality of life, as determined by the patient or their POA. Together we focus on the patient and their loved ones, addressing needs on every level - physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. You may be considering hospice due to noticing:

  • Progressive loss of function
  • Repeated hospitalizations
  • Current medical treatment outweighs the benefit
  • Decline despite curative treatments
  • Decision to stop curative measures

What is Palliative Care and How Does It Work?

Palliative Care is a complimentary oversight where a specialized, registered palliative nurse will come to your loved one's bed side. Curative treatment is a strong focus along with comfort. Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. provides relief and comfort for each patient's journey. Palliative care can vary from 100% improvement to transitioning into hospice care. At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. we provide care for any stage of illness. Lucky Palliative Services, Inc.'s knowledgeable nurses specialize in palliative treatment. Physical and occupational therapists along with a wound care specialist are available to relieve uncomfortable, distressing, irritating pains. At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. our team, along with our medical director, will keep you informed and educate you throughout the whole process. You never have to feel alone. We can help guide you with information you may not be aware of. Our goal is to help make this process easier in many different ways. Remember, palliative care is for patients still seeking curative treatment and still seeing their primary care physician or their physician specialist.

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What They Love Most About Us Client Testimonials

Physical pain leads to emotional pain and when you’re hurting, so are your loved ones. This is why at Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. our team focuses on your loved one's unique needs.

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Treatment from our hospice team consists of:

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Routine Visits VCS

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Our certified professional compassionate nurses are experts in caring for patients with a terminal illness. Together a care plan will be determined at assessment.

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24/7 Continuous Care VCS

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We provide families with a variety of support services to meet their end of life care needs. Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. nurses are available 24/7 - 365 days a year and will stay with your loved one at any time there is a crisis need or end of life is near.

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Family Support Services VCS

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A social worker is provided to all families to answer any questions. Along with additional education regarding power of attorney information, advance directive or eligibility and benefits information. As well as case manager whom will also provide support during this time.

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Spiritual & Bereavement Services VCS

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A spiritual counselor from all faiths - depending on the patients preference request, will come to the bed side and support the patient at their time of need. Along with emotional support for all families during and after services, for up to one year.

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Medical Supplies and Transportation Services VCS

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Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. will provide all medical equipment wherever the patient calls home. All equipment will be delivered when convenient for the family, rather it be same day as services start or once patient is discharged from the hospital. We also provide transportation from the hospital to home. Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. will be your 911 and will care for your loved one at bed side. Our team likes to have all equipment delivered and ready for when the patient comes home from the hospital. So our nurse will greet the patient once home and care will start immediately. Along with education on using the medical equipment for their loved one.

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Volunteer Services VCS

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Available for a multitude of tasks in order to better the experience of the patient and their families. A companion can be requested at any time. No one needs to feel like they are alone.

Levels of Care We Provide

Four levels of hospice care:

The hospice team will make the determination when a level of care change is needed, and which is the most appropriate.

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Routine Home Care

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Care is provided whenever the patient resides at home or in a skilled nursing facility.

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Acute Inpatient Care

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Care is provided during periods of crisis when a patient remains at home while acute symptoms are being resolved.

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Continuous Care

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Care is provided during periods of crisis in a hospice inpatient unit or skilled nursing facility.

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Respite Care

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Care is provided in a skilled nursing facility if the usual caregiver needs rest for a period of five days when needed, on an occasional basis.

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What We Promise Our Mission

At Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. our mission is to educate you on what care is needed and why. For the patient our goal is to keep your loved one comfortable with specific specialized nurse's, to particularly care for your loved one's needs, and keeping their divine integrity. For the patient's family our mission is to provide support throughout services and up to a year following.

Remember, no matter what company your loved one is with, at Lucky Palliative Services, Inc. we are happy to educate you on the eligibility and rights your loved one has. Remember it is your right to start or stop hospice at any time for any reason.

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Insurance Accepted

We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances. If you have inquiries regarding your coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Healthcare Team

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All our nurses are experienced in assessing and managing pain.

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Social Workers

All our social workers are friendly and skilled listeners.

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Our hospice physicians collaborate with the patient's primary physician.

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Find out more about the members of our hospice team.

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